Because I know


This past week, eight young people were taken from this Earth. In that moment, eight families lives are forever changed.

And I know…

I know the pain that will be with them always. I know how it feels to wait for their child to walk into the room.  I know that their dreams and hopes for the future are forever altered. The only hope now is to just make it through each hour.  I know these moms are sleeping in beds where they tucked their babies in safely each night, holding on to pillows and taking in the sweet smell of the life that came from her womb. They don’t know yet that there will come a time when that smell will be gone and it will be one of the things they will long for always. They don’t realize the screams they hear in their heads are their own. They will cry until there are no more tears. I know the fear of sleep will come because of the images that will haunt them. And I know they will spend the rest of their lives a fraction of the person they once were.

Arthur would have graduated this year. We have no gown, no diploma, no college applications.  Our boy would have changed the world.  

My heart and my prayers are for the families of the horrible tragedy in Santa Fe always.


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