Can we be saved?

Our country, our society and our children are coming apart.  What are we to do with a generation of children that has so little regard for respect, caring and life in general. First we must ask ourselves why.  I understand that maybe it is just a handful of them but hate spreads like a plague. How can we stop something so rapidly growing?  Todays shooting took place at a school that openly spoke out for gun control not long ago. The shooter was most likely a participant in the walk out with the very kids he coldly killed today.

For me, a grieving mother myself, I have fought all day to keep my thoughts clear. I think of  the parents of the children who needlessly died today. As they enter their homes tonight without the babies they never thought they would lose. They never expected to  have to bury their child. A parent never does.  Instead of planning graduations, summer vacations and futures tonight, they are planning funerals. How is this possible?

As you tuck your kids in tonight, kiss them an extra time. Before you close your eyes, say a prayer not only for these families, but all families across the globe. Pray that we see each other as the remarkable beings we are, capable of amazing things. Be full of love daily and hope for a better Earth for all of us. Ask for the vision to see hurt that needs healing, hunger that needs feeding and thirst that needs quenching.  Just be the light being  you were placed here to be. Be the good and smile at your fellow man. This too can spread like the plague…



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