The Quiet

It has been some time since I have written. My daddy passed from this Earth early today and is now fishing with Artie and my grandad.  But let me back up a few years, to that morning.

After all of the phone calls were made and before the friends and family started coming, I became acutely aware of the silence. It was truly deafening! This lasted for several days if I recall, maybe even weeks. Over time I didn’t seem to notice it anymore.

Until today.  After they came and took daddy’s precious body to the funeral home, mom and made the long trip to hers and daddy’s apartment. The silence was with us on the drive there. We spoke some, but it was there. Then as we sat eating our hamburgers I became incredible aware of the silence, no refrigerator, no a/c, no television and no noisy neighbors. It was just silent.

Then I heard it, plain as day…. I heard my dads voice say “Hey Sugar” just as if he were right there beside me. And all of a sudden I felt like I knew all of the secrets of the Universe!! I have spoken often of the gifts we are given when we lose our Love ones. When Arthur went on to his heavenly journey my gift was numbness, to ease the pain those first few days. Today my gift was the silence so I could hear my daddy’s sweet voice one more time!

Even death brings about miracles and the awareness of something greater than we are!


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