Turkey and lights.

Two years ago  I could not ever image celebrating Christmas or any holiday for that matter ever again. Thanksgiving we always had lots of people here for fried turkey and all the fixings!  Christmas was always great but Arthur loved making it super festive! Decorating for the Holidays was his thing.  He loved the lights most of all. Every decoration in our yard had some kind of lights on it.  He could have driven around every night looking at them and never get tired of it. We also have a Holiday boat parade here  in our home town. All of the kids grew up watching it every year. Sometimes fighting 80 degree temps and mosquitos, but we loved it!  It has been so sad to not do all of these things. 

But, this year will be different! This year will be celebrating the Holidays. Full decorations, turkeys, lights, boat parade and all! Having two of our  grandkids close makes this year so much fuller.  It is time to start living again and what better time to start than the Holiday season. I just know Arthur is smiling, and I also know he will be here through it all! May he will even put on a light show for us!

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