We never really expect to lose those we love. When we are children it never crosses our minds that there will come a day when our parents will end their journey here on Earth. But, it happens, it is inevitable. Along our lives path we may lose other loved ones. Our favorite Aunt or Cousin, the Mailman that has delivered your cherished packages for years may pass. Old class mates, teachers and neighbors may go on ahead on their path. All of these losses are hard to accept, even shocking at times. 

Then there is child loss. It is all of the things you feel with any loss. Shock, pain, disbelief. You don’t believe it’s true, you wait for someone to come to you and say it is all a terrible mistake and your beloved child is fine. Your world will stop. Literally and completely just stop. There are sounds, but for a short time they are muffled. I remember thinking it was like the Charlie Brown cartoons. When his teacher would speak, you knew she was saying something but it was just garbled words. That’s how the world is the first several weeks after your child is gone. No matter how hard you listen, no matter how much you want to understand, it is just jumbled words that make no sense to you. 

Slowly as time passes, things begin to become clear. You know the reality of the situation. You understand your child is not going to come back through the door. But still, you wait. Watching the door, the skies, and listening for the sound of their sweet voice. Longing for just a glimps of their face, perhaps in a dream. 

I truly believe we have the feeling of waiting because our Soul knows it is just a matter of time before we will be reunited with our children. There is no true separation of Mother and child. Our children are part of us, our Souls connected just as we are connected to God. Those that go before us, those we love are always just a whisper away really. They still share in our joys and our sorrows. They come to comfort us in our times of need. They never leave us, they simply stand by us and wait for the time when we are at the end of our journey here and are there to welcome us home!

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