I really do love the “Memories” thing that comes up on my Facebook every morning. It reminds me that sometimes even the darkest times can have silver linings. Today it showed a memory from 2013 when I commented that my life was perfect. It really was. I had everything I could have ever wanted. My children were all happy and healthy, we had 4 amazing grand babies to spoil and my marriage was rock solid! 

Then it hit me. My life is still exactly like this. My family is close, we would do anything for each other. I have a handful of friends that are a part of this circle I call family as well. We are all happy, healthy and as close as ever. The only difference is Artie is watching over us in Spirit instead of physically being with us. I am positive he is smiling and thrilled that our Lilly and her family are back home where they belong. 

Adventures are once again being planned, the Holidays will be amazing this year and I am already planning the Spring garden! Life is a journey. You just have to stay on the path with all of its turns and bumps. When the road turns dark, keep moving forward and you will again reach the light of a new day! 

Peace, love and blessings my friends!

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