What it is now. 

There will always be someone missing from our supper table, an empty seat in the car. Our hearts will always miss a beat and our smiles will forever be just shy of genuine. There is nothing we can do to ever be normal. We can’t bring you back and that will make our lives less than they could have been, forever. I hate it. Two years later and I think I have finally made the realization that this is it. Life is just what it is now, it will never change. Everyday will be waking up to what is missing, what could have been and what never will be. As dark as this sounds, it does not mean there won’t be happiness in our lives. We still have lots of love and so much to be grateful for. But, I have to come to terms with my life now. Building a new life is not going to happen, not really. We have been forced into this existence by no choice of our own. So, it is what it is. Moments of love, laughter and memories.. 

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