A day of cleansing

Grief is really strange. Yesterday I was a blubbering, useless blob. I could barely get out of bed let alone accomplish anything. I am grateful these days come less often as they did a year ago. I don’t know what brings these days, or moments on. I wasn’t feeling any of the heaviness the night before. I did not fall asleep sad or upset. But as soon as I opened my eyes yesterday morning, the tears began. Today, I feel rested and like I am back to my old  (new) self. The self I have become since Arthurs death. It really is crazy. Maybe our bodies know holding on, being strong and not falling apart is only good for short periods of time. Then we need to crumble. Cleanse our Souls and wash things away so we can see a little more clearly the things we still have to be grateful for. This I know for sure. These past two years you have all been so supportive and understanding. Even when I am sure it seemed I was going completely bonkers, you have been there to listen and share kind words and love. I am and will always be forever grateful! 

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