A picture can tell so much… 

I love this picture! It captures the boys personalities perfectly. Arthur was our goofy boy. Always the clown making us laugh! Wolfgang was into climbing and par core back the. He never went anywhere without his gloves, just in case there was something to climb. Even if it was a giraffe. Cadence was just a little thing but was and still is our trend setter with her own style! Landon is one of our adopted grand babies. He is so always sweet and loving.  I so miss these days. 

Thinking of Artie 

Arthur was truly a being that could and would do anything. He literally could do anything. There was not one side of him. I am grateful that in his short life here, he was able to try so many things and excel at most of them. He was a skateboarder and loved horseback riding. He love playing classical music on the piano and rock on the guitar!  If you needed anything built, he could do it. When we need new steps built going down to his room, he jumped right in and got it done. There are so many things I see and touch everyday that keep him close to me. His heart, his soul and his love are always around me. 

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