Father’s Day

I have been blessed with the greatest father. He has always been my greatest supporter, even when I didn’t always deserve it. We have had great times, tough times and sad times, and always there has been love! I love you daddy!!

Arthur and Camp Langston

Five years ago today we were on our way to taking Arthur to summer camp for the first time! I will never forget it. He was so excited! Before we could even get him checked in good, he was on the lake in a canoe, that smile beaming! Always our adventurous one. He lived for camp every summer. It was where he could go and just be him. No chores, no sick little brother, no responsibilities other than to just have fun.  He would be a counselor this year. Keeping an eye on younger kids was always a big deal for him. He took being a good role model very seriously. I know he would have been a great counselor. There are many kids he made friends with at Camp Langston that I hope I will always keep in touch with because they all meant so much to him. It will be quiet around the house today, I have a feeling he will be hanging around camp today, watching the new kids come in, and maybe wishing he was with them. 

Evil among us.

Our country is in shock over the newest of senseless attacks on the innocent. People just having fun, relaxing and enjoying life. Not knowing it would be their last moments on this earth. CNN reported that investigators inside the club had to ignore the relentless rings of what was most likely at least fifty phones. Think about that for a moment… What a horrible realization. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters and countless other friends and family are desperately hoping the loved one they are calling picks up. They are no doubt praying harder than they ever have, begging for this not to be real. I know, I have done my share of begging. Today fifty mothers have lost their babies. Their lives are shattered and never will they be the same. As we go about our lives, pray for these families. Pray for the strength they will need to survive this. Pray for the mothers. Their journey to hell and back has only just begun. There is so much evil in the world. Days like today make me fear that evil might just be winning.


Before Artie died, I was always saying how fast time was going by. Now it seems like we are moving forward in double time! This year is half gone and it will be two years since he left us. Hold tight to those you love and cherish the moments you have. Love and Peace my friends!


Taking the long road. 

This has been the longest road I have ever taken. Of course I didn’t actually take it. I was dropped off on this dark winding road, blind folded in the middle of the night almost 2 years ago. It is a road I would never have taken had it been my choice. There is no place to stop and ask directions, no gps, few places along the way for rest and the road seems to never end. There is no excitement to see where the trip will end, and no reward at the end of it. There are lessons along the way. Hard to swallow, in your face lessons. Life is short, you can’t always trust that you know how your life will turn out and never, ever take those you love for granted. The street signs are there, we just don’t always pay attention to them. I am ready for this trip to end and at the same time, I know it never will. It seems the longer I am on this road, the longer the road gets. 

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