In my face

This moving forward thing is really hard. I believe for a moment I am ready. Ready to begin living life again, socializing and having something to look forward to. Then, just like that, it hits me in the face. Arthur is gone and he is never going to be splashing me in the pool or swim morning laps. We will never argue over who gets to mow this week or spend time planning his summer camp. Just when I think the list of things we will never do can’t get any longer, I am reminded of something to add to it.  These are the times I get angry. Angry with those people that were not so nice to him. People that took advantage of his kindness and never saw him for the truly amazing young man he was. People that are going about their lives, spending time with their children, like nothing has changed.  They have futures, hopes and dreams. We were robbed of all that with Artie.  It is the harsh reality of child loss. The grief never truly goes away. 

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