Taking the long road. 

This has been the longest road I have ever taken. Of course I didn’t actually take it. I was dropped off on this dark winding road, blind folded in the middle of the night almost 2 years ago. It is a road I would never have taken had it been my choice. There is no place to stop and ask directions, no gps, few places along the way for rest and the road seems to never end. There is no excitement to see where the trip will end, and no reward at the end of it. There are lessons along the way. Hard to swallow, in your face lessons. Life is short, you can’t always trust that you know how your life will turn out and never, ever take those you love for granted. The street signs are there, we just don’t always pay attention to them. I am ready for this trip to end and at the same time, I know it never will. It seems the longer I am on this road, the longer the road gets. 

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