Taking the day off.. 

Today there will be no work.  I will spend the day in my garden and hanging out with Wolfgang. No house work, no stress, no negativity, just calm and peace today. Maybe a trip to the beach, to walk in the sand. I feel a need to to realign things today.  Getting out in and spending time with nature is the best way for me to get grounded. There is a peace in nature, a calmness that takes over when you allow your soul to be present. The warmth of the sun is healing, the breeze like a long awaited hug. Your heart can and will connect to all life in nature if you be still and listen. Allow it, be one with it and you will find the peace your soul is anxious to share with you!! Peace, and blessings… 

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  1. What a wonderful way to clear ones mind. I hope you and Wolfie have a wonderful peaceful day. To bad we don’t all think of these things. Thank you for giving us all something wonder to think about.

    Love You

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