Happy Mothers Day (take two)

I am letting go of the guilt. I will no longer let Arthur’s death define me or my life. If I remember correctly, I made this same statement early on in my grief, when I was still blessed with the numbness of it all. Now I am ready. I want joy in my life again. My family deserves to be happy. They deserve to have all of me. Arthur made the decision on his own. Moving forward with my life is the best thing I can do for me and his memory. He doesn’t want me mourning him for the rest of my
days. I will still have moments, I know this. I will miss his hugs, that smile and the healing sound of his laughter for the rest of my life. I am just so thankful that many of his laughter filled moments were spent with me. So, I am going to be posting positive things as often as I can. I am going to be moving forward and reach out to more families that are going through this horrific ordeal. I want them to see that it is possible to heal. There are things still worth livng for and to be grateful for. Most importantly I want to share my belief that we never lose our loved ones. They are always with us, right by our sides. They continue to love us, and care for us. I have met so many great people along the way these past months, read countless books and watched many, many documentaries. I have learned to quiet my mind and become aware of the Peace that resides in all of us. What a gift that has come from such pain and sorrow. Lastly today, I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all of you. This is my second without Artie. I admit this is a tough day to get through. But know our children are with us. Hugging us and wishing us a happy day! Love you all and please share my blog. It may help a mom that is just beginning this journey. 😊


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