It takes me back.

When I hear about another child lost to suicide it takes me back. Back to that second when my life ended basically with Arthur’s. Nineteen months ago. Almost two years. Never would I have imagined surviving such horror for a moment let alone this long. There are still times when it does not seem real. I can still be out in the garden expecting him to come through the back gate after a run. What joy that kid brought to me! I find my strength in my family, Kurt and Wolfgang have been my rocks. My friends that have supported us have been such blessings.  And all of you that have sent love and friendship everyday and tolerated my insane ups and downs. I forget how far I have come at times. My hope is that this mom, this newly grieving, dying inside mom will find the strength to move forward one tiny step at a time. Please send warm thoughts to her as you have done for me.. Her baby was thirteen and from the little I know, he was also bullied by an adult in his life. 

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