And so it goes..

The loss of a loved one can have life changing affects on the entire family, even the community. When it is a child, the family is surely devistated. For the mom of this child it is beyond devistation. It goes way above any horror she could ever imagine. Not only has mom lost her child, a being born from her womb but she loses herself. Life stops at that moment for this woman. It has been her job to care for this child, love and protect him. Keep him from harm at all cost, even risking her own safety and well being. Healing begins eventually. She will live a new existence, not sure if it could be considered living yet. The days will pass, laundry,  dishes, cooking and the gardening will continue. There will even be laughter and happy moments. The sun will rise and set.. Then at night, when she lies her head on her pillow, the tears will fall, and she will be ever so grateful that one more night has passed. One more day closer to the time she will see her beloved son again. This is not the future she planned for herself.

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