Warrior Moms

Sometimes you just have to stand back and really see what has the most value in your world. Life can be challenging for many and smooth sailing for others.. Some people face diversity, loss and pain by striking back. Some fall onto hard times and maybe take paths that are not the best for them or others in their lives. I know people on both sides. I have known women that have faced many hard challenges, a few most of their lives. Many have breezed through the tough times and come out on top. A few have fought and failed, some many times over.  And in that group there are even fewer that finally find the right strength within them to conquer the demons. But they rise above tragedy, addiction, loss and grief, being knocked down over and over. These are the fighters, the women that have what it takes to rise from the ashes. There is a woman in my life and I am not sure she knows how proud I am of her, and how far she has come. The road is not always going to be easy and when you have lost a child, that same road is even longer. If you can survive that, no matter how long it takes or how many times you fall, you are a Warrior. We fight a battle within ourselves everyday. The fight for survival, for strength and just for another moment of sanity!

The week in review

This has been a pretty great week so far. Spent time in the garden, had a date with my hubby and spent time as a family. It does feel like we are finally putting things back together around here. We did have a moment of really missing Artie when we were drawing up the plans for the new chicken coop. He loved our chickens and was heartbroken when our brood was killed off a few years ago. They were pets that rewarded us with eggs in exchange for our love and care. We just added 15 new little guys to our family and are building them a new home. They really are fun and adorable! We should be getting eggs by the Christmas holidays. The weather is warming quickly and my garden is coming along wonderfully. I feel Arthur’s presence and love whenever I am out there. It is still our favorite place to be together. 





Often in our busy lives we forget the most important thing. To be kind to ourselves. We were all put on this earth for a certain purpose. We may not always know that purpose right away, others seem to know from birth. I am one of those still looking for my place in the grand scheme of things. I thought I knew. I had it all wrapped up in a neat pretty package at one time. But, the Universe reminded me that my ideal of the perfect life was not what I thought. This set me on a Spiritual journey, a quest of sorts. There are many things we sometimes find out about ourselves when face with tragedy. I am learning to think for myself, and trust those thoughts as they come. Something I have never done very well. What we have in our hearts and what our Souls tell us are what we need to be aware of. My heart has always been in the right place, I just forgot to bring my Soul along for the ride.. 

Peace and Love to you today!! You are all beautiful. 😍

Angels here on Earth.

In the deepest moments of darkness, God will put someone in your life that you need, even when you don’t know you need them. 😊 Along this journey, I have met many people. Bereaved moms like myself, Spiritual teachers, and just plain awesome beings! Many of which follow this blog. This past week I have made a new friend. I didn’t go looking, she was just there at a time I really needed her to be. It is difficult to explain this but I’m going to try. I have been blessed with a strong support system since Artie left this earth. My friends, my family and all of you. But, there are times when I feel like I need to hold back on the tears and keep the sorrow inside. This we all know is not healthy but I have been doing it because I can’t help but worry that people are tired of my story. So, to the point. We always need to remember that the Universe, God and our Angels know what is best for us, ALWAYS! A complete stranger was put in my path this week. I always try to tell Artie’s story in the hopes that it will help someone. But this was diferent. I felt safe, safe enough to let the tears flow and this beautiful soul had no problem lending her shoulder. It has been healing and comforting more than she will ever know. It was just what I needed and God knew it. I feel a new sense of healing, like a new chapter has begun for me. I had forgotten who I was for a moment. I was letting my life be controlled by my grief and not really living. Now I feel as though I am truly on the healing path. Be kind always, you never know when a simple hug and lending an ear can change someone’s life. 😊Love you all!! Spread Peace!

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