Heart in the tree..

For me, one of the toughest things to do is go to yearly appointments without Arthur. Seems silly I’m  sure, but it is just as tough now as a year ago. Today it was the dentist. I always took such pride in the boys whenever we went anywhere together and even the dentist was a family affair. Today, Wolfie and I went, without Artie. As I sat in the chair fighting tears I spoke to him . Told him how much I missed him, even at the dentist.. I just happened to look out the window and saw this heart in the trees. It made me smile and I knew he was with us.


As simple as a song.

I do not believe all things are coincidence…  

There is a song by the band 21 Pilots that reminds me of Artie every time I hear it. I told him, (yes I talk to him) that I knew he would love it and that I thought of him when I heard it. So after that, every time I get in my car it comes on the radio. The other day I got in the car, drove to work and it did not play. Then I had to drive to the Dollar Store and as I pulled in the parking lot I realized I had not heard it yet that morning. So, I asked Arthur why he had not played it yet. When I walked in the store, the song was playing on the radio that they had going. It totally made my day! Well played kid! 

In a funk today.. 

The weather is ugly this morning here in South Texas. It goes  with my mood the last few days, all week actually.  I just can’t get past this funk. I have so much to do and the want is there, but the “get up off your ass and do it” is nowhere to be found. I miss him. Our talks, our walks, working together outside, cooking, even our fighting because it never lasted and usually ended up with laughter. I wish this would stop. I almost wish I could go back to the first year, when I was still numb and in shock. What a blessing that was. Now it’s just what it is. My right hand man is gone from this physical world and what I need more than anything right now is a hug from him..

Take 5

There are so many beings fighting through life. Addictions, loss of loved ones, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, hunger, and many with health issues. What if every morning, before we start our day, we say a prayer for every being on the planet. Pray for healing for those that are ailing, direction for the lost and strength for those that are fighting against what ever demons haunt them. If we all did this it seems to me, it would create a mass of positive energy and love around the world. If you are suffering or struggling through life then that would mean billions of people would be praying for you. Think of the impact this could have. If you believe in prayer, no matter whom you pray to, if you know that positive thoughts are powerful, then commit to do this. It is 5 minutes out of your day. Share this idea, it is a global thing for the masses to gather in prayer. I began this practice this morning and will continue to do so everyday. 

Peace and Love… 

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