Another Birthday… 

In 5 hours, 16 years ago I gave birth to a bubbly, happy baby boy. He fought coming into this world and almost left a few short hours later. But, he knew we needed him and stayed with us for 14 wonderful years. He brought joy to all who knew him. He was honest, caring and full of life. He never had a day where he wasn’t smiling, laughing and most likely talking. Never did a moment pass that he was not looking out for someone.  My heart knows he is always with us, but it will never be the same as a hug from him. So, here we are, the second birthday without a song, another year not watching him open gifts. He was always so grateful for everything he was given. My heart will always be broken without him. 
This is his last birthday here on Earth.. 

Arthur Robert Aldag

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  1. I love this picture Lann , such a handsome young man. We will always give thanks for the time we had with Arthur on each birthday. He gave us so much in a very short time.

    Thank You Lann
    Love Mom

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