What a week.. What a blessing!

You know how Facebook gives you memories from this day for a few years back? One of mine was a statement I made about how Artie was about to turn 14 and I felt time was slipping away. Little did I know, he would leave this earth 7 months later. At 14.. His life was so full of promise. His light was and still is a beacon to everyone that knows him. My boy, my heart, my hope for a better future. I love you Arthur Robert Aldag!

This has been a very trying week. There have been some serious health issues, some real soul searching and some decisions made. You can plan your life, you can have everything planned out for the next several years or even the rest of your life. Then you wake up and all of a sudden, not one of those plans is even remotely reachable. We always thought we would be surrounded by our children and grandchildren until we left this earth. Big family gatherings, holidays and birthdays. It was never even considered that it would someday not be this way. But here we are. All of our grandbabies are far away and we will not have the daily connection we would like to have. This is harder to accept now that we know just how fast time goes and how terribly quickly things can change. Such is life I suppose. It just shows that we really can’t plan things too far ahead. Taking life one day at a time is simpler, less stressful and sorta takes the possibility of disappointment out of the mix. This is how I will live from now on. Day by day, moment by moment. I will cherish the joys, respect the lessons and bid farewell to the losses. I will laugh loudly, love deeply and spread as much Peace as I can. Above all, I will be grateful for the life I have been given and for those who choose to share it with me…

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