Take 5

There are so many beings fighting through life. Addictions, loss of loved ones, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, hunger, and many with health issues. What if every morning, before we start our day, we say a prayer for every being on the planet. Pray for healing for those that are ailing, direction for the lost and strength for those that are fighting against what ever demons haunt them. If we all did this it seems to me, it would create a mass of positive energy and love around the world. If you are suffering or struggling through life then that would mean billions of people would be praying for you. Think of the impact this could have. If you believe in prayer, no matter whom you pray to, if you know that positive thoughts are powerful, then commit to do this. It is 5 minutes out of your day. Share this idea, it is a global thing for the masses to gather in prayer. I began this practice this morning and will continue to do so everyday. 

Peace and Love… 

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