Almost a year and a half. 

There are days when it still doesn’t seem possible. I just sit and run the whole thing through my head over and over sometimes. You were so full of life. There was nothing you wouldn’t try and you lived life to the fullest. Always wanting to go and do, that’s how you were. I often wonder if you knew in your soul that you were not going to be here long. Maybe that is why you tried to cram a lifetime in a few short years. I am so grateful that you did get to do a lot of living. We were blessed to spend so much time together and I will hold all of the memories in my heart forever. I smile when they cross my mind, and sometimes a laugh escapes my lips. I miss you so much. Every second of every day, I miss you! I got your message about the chain by the way. Sorry I was a little slow on that one.  I love you baby.. 

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