Your 16th year.

Happy New Year Artie! This is the year you were waiting for. Your 16th year. I imaging you would be counting down the days until you got your license! You were so looking forward to that. Always so independent. You had been planning it since you were 11. I remember when you were very young you thought it was cool that you were the same age as each year. You were our millennium baby. I am looking forward to this upcoming year. I feel good things coming. I am ready for whatever it brings. 2015 was filled with so many changes for us. 2016 is going to be different in many ways but some things will not change. We will never stop missing you. I will never stop feeling the pain of this loss. My life is forever altered. But the New Year brings hope, adventure, and new begins for our family! I love you my beautiful son! See you in my dreams.. 😊

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