Is there hope?

The world is a mess. Mother Earth is dying under our feet, man is becoming motivated by electronic devices instead of the gifts we have been giving by God. We eat frozen food latent with poisons and drink water we have to pay for. Why do we pay for water anyway? I have my suspicions.. Have we become so cold that we are allowing people and animals to die on the streets while we stand in line for hours after giving thanks for all that we have, to buy the newest phone craze?  Why not stand in line to feed the hungry? Volunteer at our shelters.  Instead of complaining about what we don’t have, think about what could be taken away in an instant. It is not about feeling better about yourself. It is about insuring the survival of our race. We are slowing becoming so distant from our fellow man that soon our only friends will require a good charge every few days. I am just as guilty of having my phone in my hand 24/7. I just wonder really, what have I missed, what joyous opportunities have passed me by because I was looking down?


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