About Christmas… 

Hey buddy,

Last week was a real tough time for me for some reason. The Holidays are being shoved down our throats already. I guess I am not as ready as I thought to face them without you, again. I think we will just get a small tree and set out a few things. I can’t bring myself to get all of our traditional stuff out yet. I am not sure that I ever will be. That was our job every year. Even though it will be different, we will have some Christmas cheer going on.. 🎅🏻. No gingerbread house, probably not much music, no new handmade ornaments or wrapping paper. I just want us to remember this is a time for family, love and hopefully some Peace for people that desperately need it. This world is a mess. It is heartbreaking to think so many people have no home, no food or even anyone to spend the season with.  We are truly lucky and blessed just in love alone. 💜 I miss you baby, my heart aches for your laughter and hugs!!  

1 thought on “About Christmas… ”

  1. Love the way you express your love so deeply through the grief. You amaze me and I am so glad we are friends. Sending you lots of love this holiday season. Call any time.

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