Forgiveness is not a dirty word

I have heard hundreds of times that forgiveness is sometimes the key to healing. A year ago I would have never thought I would even begin to forgive the people I believe caused Artie so much pain. But, I am tired. I’m tired of the anger hanging on to me like a dark shadow. Arthur made the decision to end his life on his own. I will never be friends with them again, and I will never forget what they did. I will however, find some Peace in all of this and letting go of this darkened inside me is as good a place to start as any. I spoke to one of the women last night. No long conversation, just polite words to someone. It actually felt good. I felt empowered in a way. My grief, the pain and anger is not going to continue to drag me down. I of all people should know that life comes with no guarantee for tomorrow. To live for each day, happy and content is all we can truly hope for.. Peace my friends.. Say a prayer for the people of France and for the USA. This could just as easily have been us again.. 

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