The Longest Road

We are an elite club it seems at times. Grieving moms… The pain never ends. The road just seems to get longer day by day..  We have no name, there are no answers for us because this is not natural. We don’t have years to prepare as we do for our grandparents and parents. We not only lose our child but our futures, our hopes and dreams. Life stops at that moment. Sure, we bounce back some. We get up, put on our clothes and smile for those around us. But none of it is real. The pretending we have to do most days is exhausting. The choking back tears is endless. Even when we have so much to live for, so many blessings and people we love. The agony of this never goes away… The memories are bittersweet. Some we welcome, others are like reliving that one second that changed our lives over and over again. We want a second chance, where is our second chance? 

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