Webster Dictionary defines grief as:

: deep sadness caused especially by someone’s death

: a cause of deep sadness

: trouble or annoyance

It is not surprising that the death of a loved one is mentioned first. This could be a parent, a friend, a devoted pet, a spouse or a child. Not only do we feel we have lost the loved one, often it puts in touch with beliefs and/or questions we may not have had before. In my case, before Artie died I did not really have any real belief system. I knew there was more to what we could see with the human eye. I felt there was something that always whispered to me when I questioned the reality of “God” or a “Higher Source” or a Creator.  I have mentioned before that I never really lost anyone close to me. Not anyone that caused the agonizing pain and loss I have felt with Artie. If the truth be know, the closest I have ever come to that was our Zeus. He was our PitBull and he was as much a part of our family as anyone. He left the Earth 13 years ago this past October and I still miss him and think of him everyday. I get such peace and joy when I imagine he and Arthur together now, as I know they are.
There are no rules for grief. Who or what we grieve for is all about the loss of love or a comfort of some kind. If you lose your home in a fire for example, the grief is just as real. You are not grieving for the loss of the material house. You have lost memories, security, the echos of years of laughter and love. It can be a profound loss that can change you forever.
If your are grieving a loss, any loss, be gentle on yourself. Seek comfort where and when you need it. Breath, do yoga, meditate and spend time with Nature! It truly is the simple things that will bring you the most Peace!! With Love…..

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