A year of blessing and gratefulness 

November is a time when we generally share what we are grateful for. What about the rest of the year? I am learning on this journey that gratefulness is one of the true paths to happiness. When you begin to see the tiniest of things you have that are wonderful blessings, the crap and people that try taking the wind out of your sails have no real power. There is always going to be a “something” that will bring fear, pain and sadness to our lives. It is at these moments we need be able to draw on all of the memories and real gifts in our lives to find strength. So, instead of picking one month a year to be grateful, I am putting out this idea. We all have calendars in our homes. Every day, write something on that calendar that you are grateful for, some blessing you have. Even the smallest thing, anything that makes you smile. Then, when you have a bad time, go back and read through the calendar. I believe most of us will realize we have more to be grateful for that not. Myself personally have had the greatest loss imaginable to a mother. My heart aches daily and I miss Artie more than I can say. But I am still loved and I love the people in my life, and that is a blessing that will keep me going.. 

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