Haircuts and tears

This was such a gorgeous day! I would be happy if we had weather like this all year! It makes me really miss Artie on days like this. I imagine the things we would be doing if he were here. Figuring out where to put the fruit trees we talked about last year, agreeing that we need to order a pool cover for winter (we do this every year but never seem to get around to ordering one) and getting out the Halloween decorations. God I miss that kid. He loved this time of year more than any other. Cool nights, fires and Chili!
I got my hair cut today and for some reason just lost my control of the tears while sitting in the chair. The girl that cuts our hair has been doing so since the boys were tiny. Just like everyone that knew Artie she has great memories of him. We talked about how the last hair cut he got he went in on his own. I remember thinking he was growing up so fast. Shortly after that he decided to let his hair grow out. I was so looking forward to seeing him with long hair…

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