Hi Artie…

I still forget sometimes. I hear a song I know you would like and I want to share it with you. When something good happens, you are always the first person I want to tell. When I am feeling down I start to walk to your room for a hang out session. Every time I am in the garden I really do expect you to walk through that back gate and say, “hey mom, whatcha doing”.  I catch myself waiting.. Then I am right back in reality and I remember, you’re not here. Today I started a job. I kept thinking the whole day how it would be if you were here.  Just like when we used to clean the beach houses. Even work was fun when we all did it together. Wolfgang went with me. I know he was thinking the same thing. We have so many amazing memories. The pain is still very real. Not as raw but still here. I hope you always see the love that is over flowing in our family. The sadness and loss will never destroy that. Our love for you makes our love for each other even stronger now. I love you bunches Artie. I miss you even more. 

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