Healing Visit

One of Artie’s best friends came by yesterday. It was so good to see him. It was the first time he had been to the house since Arthur died. There had been some strains on their friendship. Nothing either of them had done, but it was hard on them both.We have missed having this kid around. He was such a big part of our lives.
We sat and talked, we cried and we laughed. It was so good to finally spend some time with this kid. It was easy to see how much he has matured and grown this past year. It was a visit I needed to continue my healing. It brought me such comfort to know this young man still has Arthur in his heart, and he is doing so well.
I hope Arthur can see how much he was loved by so many people. I pray that he smiles when he realizes how many lives he touched and still does even now. So many lives were altered when he left on his adventure. Lives that will never be the same but will always be better for knowing and loving him.

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