The greatest lesson of all.. 

I am always looking for signs, listening for the slightest whisper of your voice.  I know when you are with me. I can feel a heaviness that comes on suddenly. It’s like the memories that burn in my brain. For the longest time, this moments made me break down. They still do for a moment, and then I remind myself it’s because I feel you here with me. So, I take a deep breath and just talk to you, or go about what I’m doing, knowing you are sharing the moment with me. This doesn’t take away the pain and I still miss you terribly. But I am able to function now. My days are not just wake up and sleep anymore. I finally realized, all of the time I spent trying to wrap my head around it all was just healing, giving my heart time. That is where the answers are. All of the answers we need for survival, the answers to what lies ahead, all of the answers for life. Within our hearts. Once you get out of your head, when you let go of your ego and trust what your heart tells you, that is when you will have all of your answers.. Thanks for teaching me this Artie.. I love you my boy! 

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