It is time…

It’s a warm summer evening as she climbs the steps of the tower, she carries with her a small cage. . When she reaches her destination the warm breeze wraps around her, like a lover comforting and calming her.  As she looks out over the Kingdom she knows she has made the right decision. It is time.  She speaks to the bird in the cage. Telling him it is time for him to move on. He has served his purpose here. The lessons taught by him will be remembered always. She pauses a moment and with shaking hands opens the cage to set him free. The bird looks out into the evening sky with confusion and excitment.  Freedom awaits, his and hers and he takes flight after a moment. The woman watches as he circles, not sure if he should leave her, is she truly ready for him to go? She is certain he will fly by on occasion when she least expects it. The bird circles once more and she calls out to him, “I free myself of you, I am letting you go so that we might both survive” Fly away now, fly far and please do not visit my home or heart ever again, and she watches him disappear into the night. She lingers a moment before turning to go, leaving behind the bird she called Grief…

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