August- 11 month note to Artie…

Well Artie, here we are 11 months into this nightmare. There are so many times I run the whole thing through my mind and wonder if there is anything we could have done different. But I know this won’t bring you back, and I have to stop. I have to let go of the dozen or so times a day that I ask why and what I did wrong.  My entire being is exhausted.  The thing is, I know, beyond any doubt that you love all of us and you never would deliberately hurt us. You would never hurt anyone for that matter. Whatever reason you made this decision had nothing to do with us, your family. I will have this ache in my heart for you until I take my last breath. Not a moment will go by that I won’t wish you were here, but I am going to try and focus more on life, living it and making it matter. I will continue to share our story and always celebrate with pride and honor that I am the Mom of a Warrior! I love you!!

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