Go with Peace

Today my heart is heavy as we say goodbye to an amazing man. The passing of a loved one, no matter the age or relationship is never easy. But when it is a man that has truly taught you the  meaning of unconditional love, not just for family but everyone in his life, it is even tougher.  There is not a person that met him that did not love him and that he did not love right back!  Knowing that those of us left behind, and the world as a whole is without another Angel here on Earth is sad.

On this journey of mine the last 9 months I have come to realize though, that our loved ones are never far away and they stay on to take care of us and to help guide us in our times of need. This is a comfort and I hope brings some Peace to his family as well..

Go with Peace and with the knowing that you will be missed Sonny! Love you always!  Give my boy a hug! FB_IMG_1435237660730

My love for this man

I hurt today for my husband. I went through the same pain I know he is enduring today back in May. He is strong for me and Wolfgang. I know he dies a little everyday the same as I do, I see it in his eyes. There are no words to describe our love and relationship now. For me, I lost a son, part of my heart. For Kurt, his first born… We have held on tight to each other in this storm. I hope that make Arthur proud..

Summer Morning

As the sun rises this summer morn, so does her pain.  Another day when the reality of her loss is still as fresh as all those days ago. She is already thinking ahead to the night when she can slumber as the moon guards her heart. Her dreams have been kind to her, taking her away from this agony she is now forced to endure, most likely for the rest of her days..

Love is for always!! :)

I have the best support system anyone could ask for. My husband, our kids, my parents and my Best friend Sherry have been what has kept me together these last nine months. But, there are days, like today, that I feel totally and completely alone. Arthur was my constant. We learned together, played together, fought and loved each other completely. We loved listening to music and we loved being outside together. I saw my future in his eyes. For some reason, images of him as a toddler have been flashing in my head a lot the past few days. I had so much fun with him. His blonde curls and fat little face. He loved to be outside even then. He was our comic and kept us all in stitches! His love for Wolfgang when he came along was so heart warming. Arthur was his protector and they loved each other, even though they fought and it was hard to see it at times.. 🙂 From the moment I knew I was pregnant with him he was my savior. Even now that he has left this physical plane he keeps me in check. I am more aware of how I act, and treat people and I am better at thinking before I run my mouth. This is huge for me.. : )  I am grateful for ever second in this physical life that we had together. The lessons I have learned since that morning have been many. The most important being never waste a moment. The second, love is infinite! It never dies and our loved ones never truly leave us. I love you Artie..

Missing you

There are still moments when it does not seem real. Brief seconds when I expect you to come walking up, the steps from your room.. Every morning, there is a slight window of time when none of this happened. Then it’s there, slapping me in the face all over again. This is my existence. For the rest of my life I will have to stop and remember, and that sucks… 

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