Those left behind…

I was sitting at Sonny’s life celebration yesterday and I was thinking more about the people that were not there than those that were. Odd huh? When I was a kid, 14 actually I lost a cousin to a car accident. We did not spend a lot of time with this part of my moms family because we were military and traveled. The loss upset me for sure but it was not the kind of loss you hold onto ya know? From that point until I was in my mid 30’s, It was the only death in our family that had any affect on me at all. Then it was my grandfather. Again, it was a loss and I loved him but he was an old man and it was his time. Flash forward to the last 9 months. Of course there was the loss of my Arthur, devastating, agonizing, never ending pain with this loss. I will never heal from this one, but i will move forward. I can’t count on two hands how many others have gone in the last several months. I suppose I am just more aware of it now but geeze! Young or old, there are always people left behind to grieve. As we get older, death is certainly going to be more in the forefront of our minds. Our older relatives will be passing, our peers possibly will be going on to fulfill their final journeys. And we are left behind to mourn.. We mourn the loss of the physical person we loved. We mourn the loss of our youth that is but a fleeting memory and we are left to deal with the questions that inevitably come with death. Many will wonder if this life, the one we walk in now is all that there is. I am one of the lucky, I know that life never really ends and love never dies. Makes the rest of this journey of mine easier to follow..Peace and Love to each of you this day.. Pass it on….

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