Bumps in the road

Today was a little bittersweet. I am having fun watching Wolfgang get ready for his first date Friday. He is excited and I love seeing it come together. I am positive Arthur would be excited for him as well. Then there is the knowing.. Knowing Arthur will never have a life here physically. No dates, no graduation, no college, no wife, no children… Some days, no matter how hard I try not to, I still feel like we have been robbed. It really is aggravating that I can’t get beyond that feeling. I don’t what to spend the rest of my days saying “If Artie was here” But it is out of my control unfortunately.  I wake up every day with the intention of moving forward, I really do. But it is always here, the loss. Like a damn bump in the road. I’m going along just fine then BOOM!! It is right in front of me and I run right into it out of no where.. I have to just keep replacing my shocks I suppose, and stay on the road ahead of me..

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