Mother’s Day 2015

Well Artie, I think I should a t-shirt that says “I survived Mother’s Day 2015”  I gotta tell ya kid this was a tough one. I struggled all day. I just wanted to scream quite honestly.  Daddy and Wolfie made it a great day though. We worked in the garden most of the day. Daddy helped me hang more bird feeders, we put out a few houses for the little finches and got some feeders up for the squirrels. They took me to dinner at the Hibachi. That is always fun. I of course had you on my mind. We have had a lot of fun there huh? My heart is full with love but stills aches for a hug from you. I love you baby. You are still one of my greatest joys…

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  1. I am glad Kurt was home to help you get the big jobs done. Sounds like you got a lot done for all your critters, I am sure they are very happy. I know you missed Artie, but I am sure he was there in spirit.

    Happy you had a nice day and enjoyed your dinner.

    Love You

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