New friends… some here… some there.  😉

I literally cannot stop smiling.. This weekend has truly been life changing for me. The energy that I experienced was indescribable.  I know beyond any doubt that there is more beyond what we see and what most of us even believe. Never, ever have I felt so much love from a group, especially a group of people I met only a day ago.. I learned more about myself than I ever dreamed I would. This time gave me an understanding of myself that will forever change my way of thinking. In the 7 months since Arthur died, I have not had a moment of understanding any of this. But now  I have some! and I will take it!!  There are still questions, but for now, a little goes a long way! What a gift to have answers that most people seek their entire lives.. Be blessed, have some fun, smile and laugh your ass of..  

To my CE family…    Thank ya’ll that were here this weekend! I am truly blessed to have found you..  💖 

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