Can’t hold my tongue.

Making fun of people that are different is never right. Even when they seem to be ass holes because of their differences. This bothers me even more now. I hate to admit I have done this myself in the past, and it make me nauseous.  Every living person deserves some understanding. Arthur told me once, shortly before he left, that he hated seeing people mistreated and he felt helpless in some situations. He wanted to be the person to always make everyone feel good about themselves. This was heavy on his heart. Being a good role models to those younger than him was extremely important to him. If you are if you are in a situation to influence young people, be careful how you behave. Don’t make fun of someone if you have not been in their skin, walked their path or felt their pain. Black, white, brown, young old, straight gay, odd, quirky and annoying. We are all of one Spirit and to treat each other as anything less is shameful.

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