Just Another Manic Monday…

Ah Monday! Lots to catch up on after the weekend. Yard needs mowing, floors need mopping and dogs need a good bathing. After this long Winter we had, I am ready for Summer. Part of me, the broken part of me, is terrified of getting through it. Summer without Artie is going to be tough. He was my outdoor side kick. Whenever we had parties or any get together, which we did every summer,  he was our bartender. That boy could make a Hurricane! 🙂 He figured he could help pay his way through college if he could mix drinks.. Always thinking ahead that one.. There wasn’t much he couldn’t do.

I have to try and keep it together. We have so many changes, good changes coming to our family this summer. We are moving my folks closer to us, hopefully the business will be up and running fully, the foundation hopefully will be able to start helping families and of course we want to spend time with the grandbabies. They are all growing so fast. Our oldest grandaughter will be 8 this year. I know her Uncle Bubbie is watching out for her and all of the kids. He loved little ones. He was always so aware of the fact that the younger kids looked up to him. That is one of the things that bothered him so much about the things that were said about him. He worried up until the last minute that the younger kids in our homeschool were being told these horrible things, and he wished everday to see them again. He left never knowing what they knew about what happened.  I assured him that when they all get older, they will see the truth and realize what an injustice was done. I know he will always watch over them, as he will with all of us.

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  1. There are a number of changes for all of you, good changes. The business is going to be a great success (You both are so deserving of great things.) Working together side by side as you and Kurt do is always a plus.

    I am so happy Dad and I, are part of your plans. We know it is work for you and Kurt, but we are so looking forward to the move and being closer. I hope you know how much we appreciate what you and Kurt do for us.

    Wish I was down there now so I could help you. A lot of help I would be. I suppose I could at least help hold the towels to dry the doggies with. I know you would love my being in your way.

    Love You

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