How I love Spring!

Spring has definitely arrived in South Texas. I am not sure we have ever had so many birds and squirrels in our yard in all the years we have lived here. Blue blue skies and green grass has been such a welcome thing for this broken heart of mine. I so enjoy having coffee outside with the critters in the mornings. The little girl in me likes to think they all wait for me to come out each day..😊  When I get myself settled on the swing and relax I swear they all get as close as they dare to see what I am doing.  It is as if they are just as curious about me as I am them. Watching all of the birds I wonder if one of them is the little guy Artie and I scooped out of the pool summer before last. We put him in a cat kennel, 😁 and kept him in the garage for a day or two then set him free. Arthur was so proud of that. It was as if you could tell the little bird was so grateful. He hung around the back for a few days and eventually went on about his way. I like to imagine that he or she has their little family here now. Spring is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and new life. For myself and our family, it is all of the above. 

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