It is always good to get home after any trip. I always feel so much closer to Artie here at home. I am at a point in my life where I think I would love to move away from the coast. But I can’t see leaving our home.  We have raised four kids in this house. Lots of babies, friends and loved ones have spent time here. We have fought, loved, laughed and cried here. We have seen the darkness and light of what Spirit has to offer.
This is not just a house, it is a home. A place with a life force like no other. A life force that has grown from love. There is an energy that sustains us, keeps us feeling alive which at times has not been an easy task. Being alive and feeling alive have been a real struggle the last few months.
This old place has had more quiet in it recently than ever in the almost 30 years we have been out here. I think we need to change that. In the six months since Artie left, we have been trying to find our way out of the darkness. That is going to be our life forever now. Not that darkness is all we have, but to some extent it will always be there now.  There is still a lot of love which in turn brings light, and it has been too quiet for way too long.

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