Seek Peace

Do you know who you really are? Have you any idea what truly makes you happy? It’s quick and easy to say sure, my family, my friends, or my job, my home or maybe even something of monetary value.  But, what makes your Spirit happy? What brings you PEACE? What satisfies your thirst? Do you know? You should know. If you do not, LOOK FOR IT!  Look inside yourself, if it’s not already there, SEEK it at all cost. It is never to late. Your Spirit and your heart, are the most important parts of you. Make them full of love and you will always find your peace.

 SPIRIT~ LOVE~ PEACE.. Pretty damn simple. 

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  1. I will be busy thinking about the questions you ask today. I still feel like I am on a learning tour with so much to learn. I hope a number of people get the same message as I did with I read this.

    I Love you Lanny

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