Fighting back the tears today….

Reminders of what is missing in our family are all around us.  When we got to the airport, we found ourselves sitting at the same gate as the last time Arthur flew with us.  Watching kids board the plane with skateboards almost made me lose it. God, I miss than boy so much. He would be so excited to be on this trip with us. We would be laughing, taking pictures of him skating in the halls, and hoping not to get caught. He would go down to the workout room and use the treadmill and the weights then go outside and walk around in this amazing weather here in Kansas. Days like this pass so slowly. The pain is deep. I am having a tough time holding back the tears today.. 

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  1. You can only hold on so much. It is okay to cry. It is one of those days. It is better to cry than holding on, Crying is our way of letting it all out. It is not easy when the wound still new and fresh, I know that feelings.

    1. Yes, crying is what keeps us from totally imploding most days. I just hate falling apart in front of people. And I figured on a plane would be really awkward.. Thank you, as always for your kind words..😊

  2. Sorry Sweetie, wish there was something I could say or do to help. Know I am thinking about you Lann.

    I Love You

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