6 months.

Well Artie, I have made it to the 6 month mark. I hate that I still have this calendar in my head to remind me of each milestone.  Half of a year, 6 months, 24 weeks and 181 days without you. This coming week is such an important time for our family, it breaks my heart you are not here. I know daddy is struggling with it too. I think Wolfie is just worried about the flying part. 😜  I believe you will be with us in spirit but it’s not the same. This new chapter in our lives will be bittersweet. Just know that we will do it with you in our hearts and on our minds…. We miss you, love you and are so grateful for the lessons you continue to teach us all. 

Love, Mom

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  1. It is terribly sad that our child has been brought to anniversary dates, many past memories with no new ones to be made together, balloon releases and a struggle to seek and find happiness in our lives now. So many dreams we had for our children. Now we must try to live some of those dreams for them. Everything we do now we know is done with their spirit right beside us ❤️

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