In the still of the morning..

As I have my coffee this morning, I am profoundly  aware of the silence.  It is in this silence I hear best with my heart. I hear love for my husband and children, love for my parents and grand children. I hear love for my girlfriends that I call sisters. My gratitude for these people in my life is immeasurable! My heart tells me that life will be wonderful again and that my time here is so meaningful. It speaks to me so loudly, I am sure if anyone else were in the room they would hear.  My heart tells me I have the love of a son from the other side. He still watches over us as he always has. He makes sure that I am quite aware of his presence.  Most importantly, my heart speaks to me of the love of Spirit, God or whatever you refer to him as. I have never been more aware of this love than I am now. I fought the belief for years that any such being even existed. Now, I can’t explain the shift in my belief, I just know. Whatever you believe, there is always love, even when you feel alone and hurt, the love will speak to heart if you listen.2c42943dd35dce6b98434f4375ba29a5

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  1. God, and Divine Love is what I call it. I believe with all my heart that good spirit is with us as much as God is. I believe that the profound feeling we get everyday even during our trials is a gift from heaven. I believe angel is guiding us and giving us a strength we need to keep moving on everyday. It such a beautiful feeling inside that is making you very high spirited. The profound feeling is something I always feel even after I break down, I able to maneuvered my way back. When we learn to let go and let God do the rest is when get the profound feeling.

    God give you a gift that is inspired other. I thank you for sharing your story.

  2. What a beautiful post.

    Lann you have been touching my heart since the morning you were placed in my arms. I felt that same feeling as I was reading your post this morning, Such beautiful words come from your heart.

    Yes your time here is meaningful Lann. You are on a mission that is guided by your beautiful Son Arthur and the love of our Lord. He knows you are meant to spread these messages that so desperately need to be heard.

    To all the Mothers you are sharing your story, pain and love with. Thank each of you

    I Love You Lann

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