What is Strength? ?

I have had some really crazy dreams since Artie left us. Mostly they are about animal. Elephants, lions, puppies etc… I keep a dream journal and I would say 60% of my dreams are of animals. It is interesting to me that I dream of animals that symbolize strength, love and happiness. Okay, except for the spider dream that I understand means I am conquering my fears.. :mrgreen: The elephant dreams have been of small elephants. Not baby elephant small ones, in the pet store window… I suppose that is strength with a side of whimsy?? Anyway, these dreams got me to thinking about what we consider strength. Is it the muscle guy that can lift several times his weight? Or the guy that can pull a semi truck with his teeth? While admirable, these to me are not true signs of strength.
What I believe to be true strength is to be not afraid of life and what it throws your way. To rise up, take the reins and run with the wind, or even into the wind if necessary.  Standing up to your fears, protecting those you love, loving even when you do so with a broken heart, this is strength. Standing up for what is right and for those who are alone in the fight, this is strength. Admitting when you are wrong and dealing with what comes, this is strength.   I have met many women, young people and entire families that have more strength than I knew exsisted. This journey we are all on, this adventure of life, is not always an easy one. But in the end, when you leave this earth, will you leave a legacy of strength or of weakness? It is your choice.


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  1. Another inspiring story. Thank you. We all have choices, I choice to not giving up on life, I choice to reach out, I choice to inspires other, I choice to lighten up so I can be a positive example. You are a very inspiring woman.

    1. We cannot give up. There is still life out there to live, no matter how hard it is sometimes. There are still joys to be had!

  2. Good examples of what strength is truly about.

    If anyone should know about strength, it is you and all the Mothers who have lost their beautiful children. Being able to write this blog everyday, thats Strenght

    I Love You

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