Oh Spring, where art thou?

I have been in such a crappie  place this last week. Artie’s birthday hit me harder than I thought it would. This is the thing with the whole process of grieving. You are doing pretty well and out of now where the pain slaps you in the face! I keep telling myself it is because I am not ready, for whatever reason to let go of the pain yet.

I am beyond ready for Spring! I need more contact with nature to proceed with this healing!! Many years ago a friend of of mine called me a tree hugging feminist. At the time I did not really understand that, and even though I do not consider myself a feminist really, I will admit to hugging a tree or two in my lifetime. Especially in my younger years.. :mrgreen:  There is a peace when we connect with Spirit in nature. We hear with our hearts and our souls. We feel the love from Our God (even if we all have a different God) when we are surrounded by nature. It is as if we are being held in the embrace of pure love. Only Peace can come from that.  Earth was created with no structures made by man. No building, huts or shacks. It was the stars, the sun and the moon. Then all of Nature, and then man. Because of this I think we should consider nature as our superior should we not? We show gratitude in many things but so few really are grateful for the gift we have outside our doors.  I for one will attempt to hug at least one tree everyday..

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